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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ive moved(; yet again!
:D click...


yupyup(; see you there!

Cookie, Cupcake&I wrote @ 7:46 PM

Sunday, October 10, 2010

If..and only if you still check my blog out,
kudos to you people ;P I went missing from blog-sphere for 12098234987120 months :O
and here I am.. back again to share my daily nuisance. heh..

since SPM is..getting closer, and closer, and CLOSER.
I have decided to...

1) Study
2) Revise
3) Buy more revision books

NOPE Im sorry. but all the choices above..is incorrect

I have decided to try out wordpress. rofl.
yep(: will post up the link @ the next post yah?
for now, keep going to my tumblr(; to spam my chatbox//wtv
take my word! I'll be back!
for now, Imma go grab my dinner
Physics is tmrw...and Accounts is coming.

Cookie, Cupcake&I wrote @ 5:48 PM

sexy's my name..
Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey sexy..
yes you! don't look behind you cause I'm there.

XD HAHAHAHA joking(;
okay..Im being lame wtv..!

So here! It's time to half-abandon the blogsphere and join the tumblr world.
1. I'm shooo lazy to update such long posts anymore.
2. I tend to go on hiatus without giving notices.
3. I'm lazy to maintain the blog. xP
so... CHECK ME OUT IN TUMBLR(; I'd love that. would love you more
if u have the interest to follow me x)


the picture says click me. HAHA

I've been using random... "taglines" lately. So.. dont chat with me unless you are prepared to get used to my way of speech.
I'm really really really really! addicted to twitter.
*cries* and! school holidays are almost over.
-no frequent online
-no msn / cheap talking
-no fb/twitter spamming
-no blogging/tumblr'ing
waaaaaaaaaaa.. T_T die lohh..

Anyway dearries out there. This is..I guess my final post into sJ-xoxo.blogspot.com for the holidays
..or not! LOL
(; will update as soon as I want.
wondering why no update on hows my holiday?
it's all on tumblr babehh~
you never thought I'd think of you.
did u?
and I do.

Cookie, Cupcake&I wrote @ 10:51 PM


email . facebook . plurk . formspring . twitter! . utube . tumblr .

... more

personal to-do list

Pass my g5 practicals[123]
Pass my g5 theory[80]
G6 theory...
g6 Practicals :O
g8! (:
♥Time travel-Jay Chou (Secret)
♥River flows in you (Yiruma)
Cookie-xoxo's first vid here(:
Cookie-xoxo & XiaoB@kA here(:
Cookie-xoxo & Bakazai
phonee♥:Nokia E63 or 5800 Xpress Music
camera♥: Digital IXUS 105
white headsets<3!
work part-time somewhere
complete my movie/drama/show lists!!

...click here to see!


::Alia A.::
::Jia Wen::
::Kar Yee::
::Kimberley Chong::
::Kimberly Yap::
::Marcus Khoo::
::Shiva N.::
::Steph Ng::
::Sue Jen::
::Suet Wei::
::Sze Kay::
::Qing jie::
::Vivian Ng::
::VJ Tan::
::Yee Siang::


Twitt with me(:

Question me..? :O



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